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Thank you very much for visiting my website today, my name is Lao and i am local tour guide and confident to say that I understand Dalat quite well, if you need to get out of city, you wan to see the nature, i recommend you to have a look at this page to have more tour information about Dalat. Hopefully you will choose a good tour and good tour guide.


laorice field








Tour 1 ( elephant waterfall )


        Depart: 8h30 AM                                    Finish: 3:00 PM


-  Van Thanh flower village: The village is famous for providing Dalat and nation-wide with dozens kind of flowers

mr Lao easy rider

mr Lao easy rider

- Minority village.

-  Rice wine making house

- Cricket farm

cricket farm in Dalat

- We pay a visit to Silk and embroidery factory.

- Linh An temple is the next spot

Happy buddha in Dalat Vietnam


- Elephant Waterfall 

-  Weasel coffee farm:  You can have a chance to taste a cup of coffee right at coffee plantation, sitting inside a coffee farm,  enjoying  fresh air  and listening to our guide talking about lives of the locals and learning how to take care of coffee tree.


- Dalat old railway station


(Transport: Private car)


 Amount 2 3 4
Cost/1 pax 35 $ 25 $  20 $



Includes : English guide, water, ticket, transport


Easyrider tour (motorbike tour): 25 USD/ 1 pax 


Tour 2: ( pongour waterfall )



         Depart: 8: 30                                         Finish: 4: 00 PM

- Da lat Cable car ( Robin hill ):  The good way to see the city totally ( extra charge 2 usd/pax/1 ticket )

- Tuyen Lam lake. Tuyen Lam lake, the beautiful ride passes the floating houses, with spectacular nature and see for yourself how Da lat is being vastly invested.

Truc Lam monastery

Truc Lam monastery

- Truc Lam monastery.

- French corner  Let’s have a look some vestiges of French people in Dalat.

- Prenn waterfall (national beauty). You can ride ostriches or elephants, enjoy the natural waterfall, and also there are some unique animals. 

- Pongour waterfall ( national beauty).  It is one the biggest waterfall in southern Vietnam. Located deeply inside forest, the water is really natural, you will always be surprised by the stunning scenery along the road, plantations, local stilt houses, wild flowers….  

Dalat happy tours, Dalat easy rider

Dalat happy tours, Dalat easy rider

- Dalat old railway station. Get some pictures with one the oldest and the most beautiful  train station in Vietnam

( Transport: Private car)


Amount  2 3 4 5
Cost/ 1 pax 35 $  28 $  22 $  20 $


Includes : English guide, water, transport, entrance ticket. 

Easyrider tour (motorbike): 650 000 vnd/ 1 pax 



Tour 3: ( comebine tour 1 and tour 2 )

                                             “ waterfall and coffee lover”

Depart: 8:30 AM                                              Finish: ~ 5: 30 PM

ThanksThanks to IvanThanks to Ivan

-      Dalat cable car ( extra charge 2 usd/ pax/ 1 ticket )

-      Truc lam monastery

-      Tuyen lam lake

-      Prenn waterfall

-      Pongour waterfall

-      Elephant waterfall

-      Silkworm factory

-      Cricket farm

-      Rice wine making house, minority village

-      Weasel coffee farm

-      Van Thanh flower village


( Transport: Private car)


 Amount        2      3      4      5
Cost/ 1 pax     45 $     32 $    25 $     22 $ 

Includes : English guide, water, transport. entrance ticket.

Motorbike tour: 750 000 vnd