Canyoning tour program in Dalat Vietnam is an activity that includes abseiling, sliding the water, jumping down the waterfalls, hiking and swimming. You’ll need some special skills for abseiling but it isn’t very difficult.

Professionally trained guides (Canyoning experts) will show you the ropes and prepare you for the journey down the waterfalls. Canyoning experts will train you on how to set the rope for the descent and how to abseil safely in an easy way. You will learn the basics of knot tying, harness wearing and abseiling techniques.

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Dalat happy tours

Dalat happy tours

Be transfered to Datanla waterfall, where you will navigate your way through a canyon and learn how to use the ropes. Water Abseiling / Canyoning is one of the most modern adventure sports that allow you to discover the wonders and mysteries of nature in its purest form. Trekking, jumping and swimming, you will discover fantastic canyons and face the challenges of incredible gorges. During this unique journey of unforgettable experiences you will be accompanied by Canyoning professionals and expert guides.

Dalat Waterfall tour

Dalat Waterfall tour

When guides are satisfied that you have got it down, you’ll head down to your first rappel which is an exciting 18 metres abseil, vertical dry cliff near a beautiful waterfall.

After that you will head further down to the 3 metres cliff jump and the first water sliding. We’ll take our time having a couple of goes at it before we go to the second dry cliff for a 16 metres abseil, it is a wonderful cliff for abseiling techniques and jumping techniques.


The second water sliding is waiting for you at the next stop (you can slide many times, slide all together and slide forward or backward and even sexy water sliding…).

After the crazy water sliding, we take a walk along the river leading us to the biggest waterfall (25m) for some real abseiling through the water. This time canyoning experts will give you some good instructions and techniques for getting over the hardest waterfall.

And then you have two free jumps at a crazy free jumping cliff (11 metres or 7 metres). Of course, this time you will need some mental power for this challenge.

The last abseil is the most special one. It’s nick name: Washing Machine (16m), the waterfall spins you around, makes your body clean and pushes you out of the waterfall before hiking up to the highway.

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