Located on Lam Vien highland, 1500 metre high above sea level,Da Lat city has cool weather all year-round.  The average temperature of Dalat is 20 degree celsius. Because of such advantages, Dalat has very good conditions to grow flowers and develop tourism.

Dalat city in Vietnam

Dalat city in Vietnam

      It is just one hundred years old, since the first steps of exploring journey of doctor Alexandre  Yersin ( 1893). Dalat has been being developed for decades.  During world war 1, many French colonists could not come back to  their country,  because of some  political changes . They moved up to Dalat and lived here for relaxing, during that time, the French built many houses, villas, schools and churches, they want to build Dalat become  a capital city of politic in Indochina. Heritage unique architecture of France, people affectionately call Dalat city is the little Paris of Vietnam. Now, it become a well-know tourist city in Vietnam and Indochina as well.

     The locals of Dalat city is  k’Ho  people, they riside scatteredly in Lam Dong province, their population is more than 200 000 people.

The K'ho people

The K’ho people

       It’s different with other cities in Vietnam, Dalat is the new city, so almost of residents in Dalat are immigrants from around Vietnam. Because of incident war, after 1954 many Vietnamese from the north and middle  left their villages to move to the South and to explore new lands. Some of them dropped by Dalat and resided here. They have established villages, built houses, grew vetgetables, flowers, coffees ..so on. They have been growing up a big community here, called the second locals of Da Lat city.

Da Lat is highlight of Vietnam

Da Lat still is the summer retreat of the rich and powerful. The last emperor, Bao Dai King, shared the coolness of hot Vietnamese summers with concubines in his summer palace before he was permanently sent to exile to the French Riviera.

The majority of visitors are Vietnamese. It seems to be the preferred place to get married. Honeymooners spend their memorable day amongst the artificial carved nature around the man-made Paradise Lake (also called Tuyen Lam Lake), shooting photo album and paddling on somewhat kitschy swan boats on the picturesque lake.

As Da Lat was the most romantic place of Vietnam, great natural landscapes. Hence, almost singers of Vietnam and Overseas have highly preferred to shoot their music videos or movies in Da Lat.