4 Waterfalls Tour

Private Tour

This tour is organized for who interested in seeing Dalat beautiful nature. Let we show you the beauty of Dalat

  • Datanla waterfalls

With the roller coaster, you go through the jungle. I'm sure that you will be excited by the cool air and adventurous feeling. Arrive at the waterfall. Standing on the cliffs looking up, the cascade falls down from a height of more than 20 meters, flowing down through the white foam boulders, colors of the rocks mixed with water bubbles color created a paint of an impressive wild forest. Tourists enjoy watching the falls, taking pictures of celebrations or having fun with the floating bubbles floating at their feet.


  • Prenn Waterfall

Far from Dalat 15 km. " Preen" in the Cham's language means Conflict land and the local people at that time used the waterfall to hide from their enemy. This waterfall curves like an elephant tusk which we can go behind it. 

you can touch the water and feel the bubbles flying on your head.




  • Pongour Waterfall

The Biggest waterfall in Vietnam, Pougour waterfall bring on it a legendary. it's beauty close with the culture of ethnic people around and it's also the place for the new year festival of local people.



  • Elephant Waterfall

The most power waterfall in Dalat, It's massive and different. you can go closer to it and discover the Heaven Cave inside. I'sure you will see the rainbow and enjoy the waterfall much. 



Transportation: Private car, person, go by 

Start at 8.30 am and finish at 4 pm.


Amount 2 3 4 6
Usd/Pax 45 35 30 25


Included: Tour guide, private Car, Driver, water, Entrance tickets, Water

Excluded: Food. Roller coaster tickets.