Dalat City Tours

Tour 4: City and flower lover tour.

Depart: 8: 30 AM                          Finish: ~ 4:30 PM


  • Crazy House: Top 10 most bizarre houses in the world. It is also a hotel with 10 rooms to express the owner idea of bringing architecture getting close by nature.
  • King’s Summer Palace: Residence of the last King Bao Dai in Dalat, Visit to know more about Vietnam history, The last king life with his family during that time in Dalat
  • XQ Embroidery Village: Embroidery is a traditional work of Every woman in Vietnam, But with XQ village, they upgrade them to be an Art, Which combining between light, music hand work to describe life aspects
  • Old French Train Station: The building is a perfect combination between Art deco Style and The Dalat Nature with the shape of The highest ( Lang Biang) mountain in Dalat, was built from 1932 the building is vintage and famous at the oldest, highest and most beautiful train station in Indochina
  • Domain De Marie Church: A Saint De Paul convent, This place only allow nuns to stay, and they help young students, Who are hard of hearing for some job like sewing and weaving sweater
  • Flower Garden: A display hundreds of flower kinds. Which are domestic and also were imported from other countries, The place offer opportunities for beautiful photos.
  • Linh Phuoc Pagoda: Ceramic pagoda, With many interesting to see, The pagoda is holding more than 11 national records.


PRIVATE  CAR: Private Tour


Amount           2          3          4     5-6 7-12
Cost/1pax 45 $ 37 $ 30 $  25$ 22


Includes English guide, car, driver, water, road tolls, parking lot, all entrance fee.

Excludes food, 

( 1 Usd = 23.300 Vnd )

Not only a guide but also a friend.




Tour 5: Historical and cultural tour.

Depart: 8: 30 AM                    Finish: ~4:30 PM


  • Langbiang Mountain: The highest mountain in Southern Vietnam. From the Height of 1929 meters at the Rada Peak, you 
  • Lat Minority Village, take a look around the village with typical activities of Lach people, let’s get into the coffee plantation, enjoy Arabica coffee and learn how to make traditional handicraft of the local.
  • XQ Embroidery Art Village: See masterpieces of silk, All the Pictures were embroidered by hands, They use special methods to combine the colors, Visit to learn our traditional works.
  • Da Lat Old Railway Station ( National Heritage). It's Known for a unique cog railway to climb up the high mountain in Dalat. The train is beautiful with its vintage French architecture, it still running for a short distance for you to experience the feeling 
  • Valley Of Love. Many types of flower around a lake, It is nice for a couple to visit.
  • French Corner. French architecture area. Visit it to see how beautiful they are and have a look back to the Vietnam history.


Private car: Private Tour


Amount  2 3 4      6
cost/ 1 pax    45$    37$       30$   25$


Included : English guide, car, driver, water, road tolls, parking lot, entrance fee.

Excluded: food. jeep fee (60.000vnd/pax)


( 1 USD = 22.300 Vnd )

 Not only a guide but also a friend!




Tour 6: Nature and Cultural Tour

Depart: 8: 30 AM                    Finish: ~4:30 PM

  • Valley Of Love (A beautiful place with flowers and nature, It is just perfect for a new married couple)
  • Flower Forest Company: They use Japanese technique to dry the flower, Which you can buy to offer your lover. It can last for 2 years.
  • Van Hanh Pagoda With Gold Buddha: A monastery for meditation practicing, Van Hanh Monastery can be seen from far away by its huge golden Buddha.
  • Baodai Sumer Palace ( The palace of the last Vietnamese King). He used to stay here for working and hunting, The palace was built in French architecture, located on a pine forest hill. 
  • Lam Dong Ethnic Museum: Understand more about history, geology, people, and culture in Dalat
  • Domaine Demarie Church ( The Cherry Church): Local call it " Cherry Church ", Because of every morning it's shining by the sun, because it was painted in pink color.
  • Weasel Coffee Farm ( The most expensive coffee in the world): Weasel or Coppi Luwak or civet cat coffee is one of the most expensive coffee in the world, visit to try and see how the local here making it.

Transport: Private Car. Private tour 


Amount 2 3 4 6
Usd/Pax 50 40 30 27


Included: English guide, Skilful Driver car, water, road tolls, parking lot, entrance fee.

Excluded: food. and your coffee