The University of Dalat is located in the center of the city of Dalat – a popular tourist city on Lam Vien plateau with a year – round cool climate, endless pine forests, flower, fog, and waterfalls.

History of Dalat University

dalat univesity

Dalat university

According to the plan of Dalat city in 1923 of architect Hébrard, there was a military area in the North of Dalat city. Until 1930, an army camp whose name Camp Courbet appeared on a 38-hectare land which was next to Cu hill (Golf course now). In 1939, the Camp was used for army children (École des Enfants de Troupe. Untik 1957, the University was founded and at that time it belonged to the management of Catholic Council of South Vietnam.

After 1975, it was renovated as a University which meets the human resources training for South of Central Vietnam and Central highland.

Overview of Dalat University

Dalat University is one of the most beautiful ones of the country. Its total area is 30 ha with over 40 blocks which surrounded by a lot of trees. The University is a place for studying.

Recently, in order to meet the social demand, the school fas continued to expand the training subjects. So, it has upgraded some old blocks and built some new blocks there, such as block A30 (built in 1996), block A27 (built in 1990), Block A8 (built in 1992), electronic library (built in 2003 – 2004) and multipurpose sport center (built in 2003).

The University Institute of Dalat was founded in 1958. in 1975, it was reorganized after the unification of the country and has become a multi – field public university with more than 26,000 students.

The university campus sits on a hilly area of 40 hectares north of Xuan Huong Lake, beside an international 18 – hole golf course. The campus is also one of the numerous romantic and beautiful spots in Dalat. There is a variety of styled buildings hidden throughout the pine trees. The campus offers peace and quiet which is an ideal atmosphere for learning and research.