The reason why it is special: Using broken bowl and bottle to decorate the whole pagoda. A place for demonstration of souvenirs, items of furniture, precious rocks which are holding many records in Vietnam, and it's also a very beautiful pagoda.


Linh Phuoc Pagoda is located on a land on the right side of Highway 20 - the road from Da Lat to Cau Dat, Trai Mat, Ward 11.

out side of the linh phuoc pagoda


The temple was built in 1949 and completed in 1952 by Local Buddhist donators contributed. In 1990, under the design and construction command of the 5th Abbot Thich Tam Vi and the contributions of local Buddhists and Buddhists all around Vietnam, the temple was rebuilt as it is today.


The first project impressing pilgrimage is Long Hoa Vien, carved dragon shape winding up to 49 m long around a statue of Maitreya Buddha. Dragon fins are made of 12,000 bottles of beer, next to the dragon body are a lake and a fake paint mountain, with Buddha statue on the top.

Come to Linh Phuoc Pagoda, beside of offering incense to Buddha, visitors also enjoy the elaborate architecture. First of all, the main hall and the stupas, a monumental and unique structure: the main hall is 33 meters long and 22 meters wide; The 27-meter high stupa is carved in the shape of a dragon. 

In front of Long Hoa Vien is a seven-storeyed tower, 37 m high (the highest tower in Vietnam today was recorded by Vietbooks No. 528 / KLVN / 2008 on May 05, 2008). That is used for worshiping Buddha and also is a museum of many precious buddha statues. The first floor has a big bell (cast at the end of the year 1999), the bell is 4.3 m high, 2.3 m in diameter and weighs up to 8.5 tons. A group of Hue artisans has three years of castings were invited to spend over a year Molding, casting and engraving images on the bell, and they Bought hundreds of tons of terracotta pottery from Bat Trang Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Song Be Province, Binh Duong Province on the embellishment of pagodas and stupas.

In front of the pagoda,  there is a large parking lot for pilgrims to visit.

To the right of the temple is the internal domestic place. The Rising House is where the monks live. The house has 3 floors, the top is a meditation room and a semi-lotus pond. The middle floor and the ground floor are the rooms for the normal monks. In the center of the house is a large living room and a library of the Pagoda.



Underground they have a depicting hell where describing what will we get after died in sins.

Linh Phuoc Pagoda is one of the famous destination of Dalat City, is the architectural mosaic of special characteristics, rich in Asian culture identity. Every year they regularly welcome visitors from all over the country and abroad to worship and visit this unique mosaic works.