Tuyen Lam Lake - Paradise Lake of Dalat

There is a hidden place behind the pine forest and the winding streets of the city where likes a dream can not be found by tourists. This place has attracted a lot of photographers to "hunt" its natural beauty, it is Tuyen Lam Lake - Paradise Lake of Da Lat. Tuyen Lam Lake is a fanciful beauty in the fog, is the largest lake in Dalat with many small islands created a very poetic scenery. Stop here, you will be immersed in the fresh nature of the foggy land, hear the birds singing and fluttering, watching the peaceful scene.

There are three paths that lead you to Tuyen lam Lake , the first is Trieu Viet Vuong, if you go from the city center, the second is the Prenn pass and then turn right to the lake, The Third, take the cable car to Truc Lam Monastery and walk down to the lake. by any roads, you can also enjoy the mountainous landscape with the pine forest, the winding flowers on the both sides ... Da Lat attracts visitors by every corner like that.

In the fall, around mid-November, early December, the roads leading to Tuyen Lam Lake are gloomy yellow - the typical flower of the Central Highlands. In the winter time, Tuyen Lam lake is always quiet, quiet in the dreamy white mist. The best scene is the early dawn, when the sun on the mountain slightly forms and shine the first rays of sunlight down the lake, along with the fog that creates a painting with natural winter and beautiful landscape.

The sound of birds singing in the wind, or the sound of the guitar from the mountain artists or the temple bell from the further monastery, ..., all The sounds and images here will make you fall in love, "lost" your soul in the Wonderland. Space here makes you feel as you are standing in the middle of a wonderful land. Tuyen Lam Lake attracted many photographers because of its beauty and charisma.

Watching the blue of the pine forest lushly littered with the gentle blue of the lake, visitors will feel peaceful as if this is their own world, where their soul is at peace. The sky above is the blue-white clouds sky, surrounded by misty clouds, grasses, flowers and leaves, and peaceful water surface, the convergence of many beautiful factors, Tuyen Lam lake is Worthy of being called the most magnificent Lake of Dalat.
Guests can take a leisurely stroll along the shores of Tuyen Lam Lake for a breathtaking view.

You can experience and fully explore the beauty of Tuyen Lam Lake by renting boats and enjoying the scenery around the lake. The lake is very large and wide, so you will enjoy until your eyes exhausted. Around Tuyen Lam Lake, there are other popular tourist destinations that you should definitely go: Truc Lam Monastery, Clay Tunnel, Da Tien Campground, etc. On the small islands of the lake, there are also Many luxury resorts with high standard.