Dalat Old Train Station 

- Da Lat station is the train station of Da Lat city. This is considered the oldest railway station in Vietnam and Indochina.

Dalat station

The station was built by the French from 1932 to 1938 and was completed as a terminal of the Phan Rang-Dalat Railway, 84 km length. The station has a unique architectural style with three roofs, stylized three Langbiang peaks which are highest peaks in Dalat.


According to a historical document, the project to build a railway from Thap Cham to Da Lat was approved by Paul Doumer and started construction in 1908. Kroongpha - Dran sawtooth train track in Swiss style, with a serrated railway section of about 10 km long, surpassing 1,000 m of Song Pha pass with a slope of 12% to Dran-Lam Dong.

After the French left Vietnam, the train from Da Lat to Thap Cham still maintained. By the time of the US occupation, this railway was mainly used to transport equipment for the war, so it was cut off by the Liberation communist Army and the station ceased operations in 1972. There were three routes were exploited at that time. Is: Thap Cham - Da Lat - Nha Trang; Thap Cham - Da Lat; Saigon - Thap Cham - Dalat. In 1972, when the war became fierce, the railroad was forced to stop operation. After liberation, this railway was restored and officially towed on May 19, 1975, on the anniversary of the day. Uncle's birthday.


The Train station was designed by two French architects Moncet and Reveron. The construction contractor is Vo Dinh Dung,

The majestic shape of the majestic Langbiang Mountain, with a length of 66.5 meters; 11.4m wide and 11m high. If compared, Da Lat Station architecture is like southern stations of France with the protruding from the roof and retract to the foot in the vertical direction. was designed in the Art Deco architectural style.

The railroad railway station built in 1932 was a railroad track and steam head machine. At that time, rails and saws were considered the most unique in the world. Because Dalat is very high so to be able to go to Da Lat city. The railway must be built by sawtooths shape go through many tunnels, behind the train which must have a propeller head to be stronger and easier to pass the pass. The architects had built rail rails for ten years and the cost of the building is 2 to 3 times higher than normal.

Phan Rang-Dalat saw railway was designed in Swiss style. Railways have 3 rails. The middle one is designed serrated to allow the train to climb slopes safely. This is a unique railway in the world, only in Da Lat and Switzerland you can see it. At present, there are no traces of serrated sections in Da Lat railway anymore because local people they have stolen for steel recycling.

Travel place

Da Lat station is now no longer used for transportation but is a terminal for tourism. With a 7 km route, the train will take you to explore the mountain town. Although the speed is very slow and the train is loud, but this is an activity for tourists to image about the period passed by and see beautiful views of Dalat. The destination is Linh Phuoc Pagoda - or ceramics Pagoda - a unique Buddhist architecture of Trai Mat town.

With 7 km, the train runs 25 minutes and 25 minutes to the station, 60 minutes stop at the ceramics pagoda for visitors strolling around.
Price: 90,000 VND / Vietnamese (February 2017).

Record holding.

Da Lat's Da Lat station is considered as the unique station with the record:
The highest station.
The oldest railway station.
The only steam engine in Vietnam.