Elephant waterfall


Elephant waterfall is located in Nam Ban Town, Lam Ha District, Lam Dong, on the Camly Stream. 25 km far from Dalat City, with the width of 40m, height over 30m. The waterfall has rocks look like baby elephants so local people called Elephant waterfall. It pours down water everyday created the sound like the roar of wild animals.

This is one of a few waterfalls which retain the wildness of the Central Highlands. In 2001, elephant waterfall was recognized as a national tourist attraction.



According to an ancient legend, there was a chief of the mountain Joan Bien who had a beautiful daughter. Whenever she sing, the leaves still and birds stop chirping to listen to her voice. Her lover is the son of the next village headman. He was loved by many girls, not only because of his physical attractiveness but also because of his unbelievable bravery and courage. They engaged that they would love and marry each other, but unluckily, The man, He had joined the army to protect his village and to kill the enemy. Many months passed by without seeing him back. The distressed girl went to the desolate mountains, where they had dated, she was singing griefly, hopefully, the Man could come back. Her voice touched the B'ling birds. They flew away to hear the news and told her that the guy was sacrificed on the battlefield.

However, the girl still refused to accept the truth. She kept singing, singing until she was exhausted, collapsed and never got up again. Elephants listened to her singing for too long also kept silent and became rocks. Suddenly there was a loud bang, the earth trembled, causing the mountain break and a sudden stream of water flowing, white foam. The sound of waterfall whisper mixed with the rustling of the woods, the sound of the birds singing as the chorus, In general. the story is as a reminder for the next generation to remember about women in the past, they were very patient and faithful, only marry and wait for one person.

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